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We rescue dogs from poor conditions in Puerto Rico.  We pick up the dog from wherever they may be.  Most of the time this will include us picking the dog off of the street.  We try to find a foster home for our new pup, but if not we will board them temporarily or bring them home with us as we do not have a facility.  We then start assessing the dog to make sure they are in good health, but we are also looking for signs for what kind of home they would be good for.  Once they are ready to go, we have a few options.  Our goal is to send them directly to their new family, but unfortunately being a small rescue on an island, we are limited.  We work with a lot of sister rescues who take them if we are unable to find them a new home or a foster family immediately.  These sister rescues have the capacity, the staff and the volunteers to handle more animals. 

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For The Love of Satos was started because everywhere you look there are dogs.  Walgreens, post office, grocery store, side of the road, the freeway, anywhere and everywhere you look there are dogs. We knew we had to do something.  It’s just so sad and strange to see dead, sick, suffering animals everywhere.  The strangest part is that people just act like it’s part of the landscape.                 
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We need on-island fosters more than anything.  If you would like to foster one of our dogs please fill out the Foster Application

Wanting to adopt?  Fill out our Adoption Application.

We are funded 100% through donations & absolutely cannot do this without your support.  We take donations through the following:

Venmo: @janalleFTLOS

ATH Movil: 787-619-2828

Apple Cash: 787-243-5994

Or by clicking below and donating to via PayPal

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