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Who We Are

Hi! We’re Janalle and Nitza. We are a two woman volunteer team dedicated to rescuing street dogs in Puerto Rico. 

What We Do

Most of our rescues happen on the way home from places like the grocery store or the bank.  We pull over, put on our flashers, and attempt to get the dog in our vehicle.  Boom! We have a new member of the FTLOS family.  Rescue doesn’t follow a set schedule; we rescue on the weekends, holidays, at night…  

Where Do We Operate?

We are based in the Dorado/Toa Baja area, but we have rescued dogs (and sometimes, cats!) from all corners of the island.

Why Do We Rescue?

Literally, for the love of the satos (slang for “street dogs”) of our beautiful island. Rescue is HARD work and HEART work, but we simply can’t sit back with blinders on and let these innocent animals fade into the landscape as they have for years.  Changing the life of that one dog for the better and seeing them with a loving forever home makes all the hard work, worth it.

How Do We Rescue?

Since we do not have a facility to house our rescues, we attempt to find a foster.  If that fails, we will bring them home with us or board them temporarily. Along with our vet, we assess the dog’s health and temperament.  Once they’ve completed our protocol, we have two options: 1) Send them directly to their forever home or 2) Send them to one of our sister rescues in the U.S.  Our partners in the U.S. have a larger capacity and manpower to handle more animals than we have here.

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